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Shirdi Sai Public School-Wing 2 imbibes its philosophy from the teachings of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, that of ‘Shraddha’- meaning faith with love and reverence, and ‘Saburi’- meaning patience and perseverance. Inspired by his teachings, our school strives to cultivate values such as caring, sharing and harmony through quality education. Through this, we envision providing quality education so as to enable our students to achieve all round excellence and balanced growth so that they function with clarity and efficiency in today’s world.

This educational venture is managed under the patronage of our Chairman – Revered Shri C.B. Satpathy Ji, who was moved by the pain of a child while parting from his parents at the time of leaving for a Residential School. We are grateful to him for his patronage and interest in this venture.

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