SSPS Wing -2 boasts of its airy, neat and well maintained classrooms. The use of proper lights ensure the easy readability for our students.


SSPS wing -2 has fully functional laboratories to allow students to experiment and learn with practical knowledge.

Audio Visual Room

SSPS has the multipurpose audio-visual room provides the perfect platform for healthy interaction amongst students and also for fruitful entertainment, such as, educative films, displays of important global events, quiz and debate competitions.


SSPS Wing -2 boasts of its well maintained grounds and professional coaches for sports like cricket, skates, basketball, football etc. At SSPS every student is encouraged to take part in at minimum of one sport.


SSPS Wing -2 has well maintained transport services which are securely monitored by the staff present in the bus. The availability of transport allows students from all parts of city to join SSPS.


SSPS has computer lab where students are taught software and are made aware of latest in technology .
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