Parents, first and foremost, it is important to… understand and recognise the activities your child is naturally gravitating towards. It’s important also to ensure that your child likes what he or she is doing. I believe in exposing children to as many hobbies and extracurricular activities as possible.

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At SSPS we believe Co-curricular activities help in the holistic development of students and assist in developing critical skills and abilities to be successful and happy in the 21st Century life and workplaces. Therefore, the importance of co-curricular activities is immense during school and college education.

When theoretical curriculum and co-curricular activities are integrated together, then your chance of learning more and exploring more about your strengths, interests, and abilities becomes higher. Therein lies the importance of co-curricular activities which are supplementary to the theoretical curriculum.

It is true that much of your intellectual development happens, to a great extent, in the classroom itself. But, various other aspects of your personality such as emotional development and social skill development happen through co-curricular activities to a large extent. The key role and importance of co-curricular activities cannot be denied in holistic development.







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Benefits of co-curricular activities Enhances overall personalityStrengthen Self ConfidenceDevelop Specialised SkillsImprove Academic PerformanceGreater OpportunitiesExposure to New ActivitiesBuilds Sense of ResponsibilitiesEnhance Physical and Mental Health

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