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(SAIITE 2016-17)

Growing in SSPS has been so gratifying for me. Thanks to the school I’ve learnt a series of values which have helped me become the person I am today. I sincerely extend my heart-felt THANK YOU to all the amazing teachers, who inculcated values of life during my stay at SSPS.
Currently I’m running a successful business with my Dad.


(SAIITE 2016-17)

To behold one’s dream, all that one needs is, a firm underpinning of academics along with good values.
No concluding words could suffice my feelings for SSPS. I have surely left the school with beautiful memories, many important lessons and most importantly with a belief that my school life has laid a firm foundation for my future. It has only been possible because of my teachers who have not only educated my mind but my heart too.
Currently I am pursuing LLB from one of the foremost institutions of Law (Faculty of Law, University of Delhi) with a purpose to serve in judicial services.
I heartily thank all my teachers, friends and the support staff for their blessings and for their part in my journey.

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