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(SAIITE 2017-18)

Shirdi Sai Public School, the teachers and their teachings have been a major part of my life since childhood. Apart from studies, I’ve taken basic values, good friends and unforgettable memories with me from this school! Even now when I’ve grown up, I remember all the values, discipline and etiquette that I was taught as a kid! Things used to feel harsh as a kid sometimes back then but now I realise how important it was for us to listen to our elders. I thank all my mentors playing a major role in my upbringing. I am what I am because of what this school and it’s teachings has given me and I’ll forever be grateful!


(SAIITE 2017-18)

Waking up every day and getting ready in that white-fawn school uniform is the most valuable part of my life that I will never forget.
Shirdi Sai Public School taught me everything, being punctual, disciplined and organised. Those 10 years were amazing.
I remember all those names who not only educated us but also taught us the proper way of living.
I still remember all that hustle bustle from our sports day and annual day practices, that backstage rush on the final day!
This School played a very important role in my life by teaching me to always move forward in a right direction. Keeping that all in mind, I completed my Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication this year and looking forward to building up my career in the field of Marketing Management.
To be really honest, school life is the real fun, we didn’t realise it then, but we surely are missing those days Now!

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